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Reduces post-workout stress hormone (cortisol) by 36% within 48 hours*

Maximizes muscle growth and endurance performance. Reduces sore muscles (DOMS)

Elevates day-to-day energy level

Made for recharge.

Reducing stress hormone (cortisol) results in maximized training outcomes, muscle growth, and endurance performance. Reduced sore muscles (DOMS) and experience a boost in day-to-day energy level.

Backed by science.

Developed in 5 years of research and clinically validated:

*A real-life study with the Swiss National Football Team yielded statistically significant results (p<0.05) in lowering cortisol within 48 hours.

Developed to perform.

Trusted by thousands of Pro Athletes and +1 million consumers. Winner of the "Innovator of the Year" award.

Trusted by

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Available as a drink or as a powder mix.


6-Pack for $49.99
KA-EX® Powder
12x Counts (4x 3-pack) for $39.99

What if you can get more out of each workout?

We're here to supercharge your supercompensation, making every workout your best.

Instructions: Take one sachet or bottle during or after your training session. Additionally, take another dose approximately 24 hours after training, even on rest days. A daily intake is recommended to maximize benefits (training gains and day-to-day energy levels).

Backed by science: Reduces post-workout stress hormone (cortisol) levels by 36% within 48 hours.

Why is reducing stress hormones within 48 hours a game-changer?

Stress hormone (cortisol) spikes after every workout, negatively impacting testosterone levels, muscle growth, circadian rhythms, sleep, and the immune system.

In an independent real-life study by the Swiss National Football Team, KA-EX demonstrated a 36% reduction in cortisol within 48 hours. This reduction positively affects testosterone levels, muscle growth, sleep quality, and overall recovery.

KA-EX is the only product proven to reduce stress hormones within 48 hours, significantly supporting your body during the crucial post-workout recovery time. This is why several thousand pro athletes worldwide, including some of the best European teams, use KA-EX. 

Optimal bioavailability of bioactives

Uncompromised nutrition meets unmatched absorption. Thanks to the push-cap technology and the individually packaged sachets.

Nutritional substances are thoughtfully paired to optimize absorption and protected from UV light and chemical degradation using the patented push-cap technology and sachet packaging.

Recommended by professional athletes and health experts.

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after every workout.

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KA-EX powder and KA-EX GO