Made for recharge.
Backed by science.
Developed to perform.

recovery performance booster.

For every type of training and every level.

Made for recharge.

Optimizing recovery performance (supercompensation) for maximum gains in strength, endurance, and other performance factors.

Backed by science.

Developed in 5 years of research and clinically tested.

Developed to perform.

Trusted by thousands of Pro Athletes and +1 million consumers. Winner of the "Innovator of the Year" award.

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6-Pack for $49.99
KA-EX® Powder
12x Counts (4x 3-pack) for $39.99

What if you can get more out of each workout?

We're here to supercharge your supercompensation, making every workout your best.

How to use: Drink KA-EX® during or after every workout and once a day for the next 48 hours. 

  1. Training: stress on the body, leading to fatigue and energy depletion.
  2. Recovery: repairing tissues, restoring energy, and adapting to the stress endured (approx. 48h)
  3. Supercompensation: Surpassing the initial baseline, experiencing an increase in physiological capacity. This “overcompensation” prepares the body to handle similar stresses in the future better.
  4. Improved Performance: Subsequent training sessions or competitions during the super-compensation phase result in improved performance due to enhanced physiological adaptations.

*Supercompensation is the scientific term where the body’s performance capacity temporarily exceeds its baseline level after a period of recovery after intense training. Maximal supercompensation means higher gains in muscle growth, endurance, and other performance factors.

Optimal bioavailability of bioactives

Uncompromised nutrition meets unmatched absorption. Thanks to the push-cap technology and the individually packaged sachets.

Nutritional substances are thoughtfully paired to optimize absorption and protected from UV light and chemical degradation using the patented push-cap technology and sachet packaging.

Recommended by professional athletes and health experts.

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after every workout.

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KA-EX powder and KA-EX GO